Tips for Hiring Texas Truvada Lawsuit Attorney

12 Aug

Truvada is a drug that was invented by Gilead sciences Inc. The drug was created with the intent of controlling the spread of Human Immunodeficiency Virus also affiliated as HIV among people who are already infected as well as act as an HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis also abbreviated as PREP which was supposed to minimize the spread of HIV in negative patients. The drug, in theory, seemed like a miracle drug and hence the large consumption among many people, but the failure of the drug came about when the company included dangerous substances in the drug which caused side effects on the people who consumed them. One such substance is the tenofovir disoproxil which causes bone density loss, fractures, renal impairment, and kidney failure. Patients who consumed the drug also experienced major diseases such as chronic kidney disease, broken brittle bones, as well as osteoporosis.

Countless people were affected by the Truvada drug in a bid to control or minimize the spread of HIV since its official launch.  Without discrimination the drug affected each and every person who consumed it. The drug mostly affected people from groups that included gay and bisexual men, women, minority groups, injection drug users as well as individuals in the criminal justice systems.

If you are a victim of using the truvada drug and have since suffered the side effects that are brought about by the drug, you should not lose hope as there is a way forward available for you. In order to make sure yet you get justice and remuneration for what you and your loved ones are going through is by accessing the services of an attorney who will help you to sue the company on your behalf. The Term lawyer is used to defining any person who has partaken the study of law is a recognized institution and has acquired a valid license which allows them to practice is their respective jurisdiction. There are many types of lawyers in the world such as criminal lawyers and civil lawyers who will be responsible in handling your case. As a client you will be suing the Gilead sciences Inc. for include negligence as they knew about the side effects of the drug for a decade but sold the drug any way as well as for any damages that you may have suffered while consuming the drug. To gain more knowledge on the importance of lawyers, go to

When selecting HIV drug lawsuit lawyer who will help you in your case against Gilead Sciences Inc. some of the factors that you should consider include, the lawyers' credibility as they should have acquired all the necessary certifications such as a license that will enable them to represent you in court. In order to get the full benefits package from the coloration you should ensure that the lawyer is well experienced.

Being able to acquire getting professional services from the lawyer, being able to get justice, some companies will offer you free consultation services as well as receding compensation for the damages incurred are some of the benefits you will get from hiring a lawyer. Be sure to learn more here!

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